To collect and secure climate data while providing timely access, analytical functions, and interpretive services.

Data Services of the Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) facilitate public access to comprehensive climate data, interpretive products, and decision-making tools for use by cultural and natural resource managers, researchers, and others. Data services assure that research projects funded by the NW CSC follow national data administration standards and procedures, and that the information and tools generated by projects are stored securely and in perpetuity. To read more about Data Services at the NW CSC, please download the Data Services section of the Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Northwest CSC Data Services Accomplishments to-date:

  • Climate-science data, interpretive products, and decision-making tools generated by projects funded by the NW CSC and other regional Climate Science Centers are housed in ScienceBase, a system developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that catalogs data and provides a platform for collaborative data management.

  • The Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN), led by the University of Idaho, will replicate information housed in ScienceBase for the Northwest and provide additional, value-added data services.

  • As part of its funding selection process, the NW CSC ensures that research projects include a data management plan that conforms with national standards and procedures.

NW CSC Strategic Plan

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