thurman bio picLindsey is a mountaineer from the flat lands of Florida's Gulf Coast who has been interested in the environment and nature since an early age. After graduating, Cum Laude, with a BS in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Lindsey was employed by the U.S. Forest Service as a biological technician on a long-term population assessment of carnivores in the Sierra Nevada Range, with a focus on Fishers and American martens. For her Master's research in the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife at Oregon State University, Lindsey studied long-toed salamander breeding phenology at high elevations in response to UV-B radiation. Her doctoral research at Oregon State will investigate the response and adaptive capacity to climate change in amphibian species at high elevations throughout the Cascade Mountain Range. She plans to produce a conservation assessment for vulnerable amphibian species and offer management options for stakeholder groups.

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