moose 357x236The research direction taken by the Northeast Climate Science Center (NE CSC) is guided by the NE CSC Strategic Science Agenda for 2013-2018. This document describes the role and interactions of the NE CSC among its partners and stakeholders, clarifies the responsibilities of the Center to its partners, defines a context for climate impacts in the NE CSC region, and establishes the science priorities that the Center will address through research.

In developing the Strategic Science Agenda, the NE CSC received advice and guidance from its Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The NE CSC also periodically receives guidance from a panel of technical reviewers that assists with independent scientific review of projects comprising the NE CSC research program.

The NE CSC has identified seven priority science themes that will drive the CSC's regional science program:

Science Theme 1: Climate projections and assessments
Science Theme 2: Climate impacts on land-use and land-cover
Science Theme 3: Climate impacts on freshwater resources and ecosystems
Science Theme 4: Climate impacts on Atlantic and Great Lakes coastal and nearshore environments
Science Theme 5: Ecological vulnerability and species response to climate variability and change
Science Theme 6: Impacts of climate variability and change on cultural resources
Science Theme 7: Decision frameworks for evaluating risk and managing natural resources under climate change

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