DOINews: UMass Website Features NE CSC Climate Science Initiatives

Last edited 4/26/2016

The Northeast Climate Science Center (NE CSC) was recently the topic of a Feature Story, "Modeling Climate Science: Forecasting future climates for the Northeast Region", on the UMass Amherst website. The story gives an update and overview of the climate science initiatives and projects at the NE CSC.

The feature begins:

"Since Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar appointed UMass Amherst host to the Department of the Interior's (DOI) Northeast Climate Science Center (NECSC), local ecologists, conservation biologist, engineers, and climate scientists have busily aligned projects and data sets to get the largest of these national centers up and running. One of eight centers nationwide devoted to providing the scientific tools necessary to better prepare for the impacts of climate change, the Northeast region was one of the three final centers to be chosen as part of Secretary Salazar's national climate change strategy initiated in 2009.

Richard Palmer, civil and environmental engineering, directs the center's academic efforts and with NECSC's first permanent federal director, Mary Ratnaswamy, has been working to bring center partners online as well as bridge communication between the NECSC and other federal and regional centers. Partners in the northeast consortium include the College of Menominee Nation, Columbia University, Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri, and the University of Wisconsin, in addition to UMass Amherst."

To read the full article, please click here.