DOINews: Northeast Climate Science Center Strategic Science Agenda Finalized

Last edited 4/26/2016

The Northeast Climate Science Center's Strategic Science Agenda is now finalized and available! This document defines the context for climate impacts in the NE CSC region, describes the anticipated role and interactions of the NE CSC among its partners and stakeholders during the first five years (2013-2018) of our tenure, and establishes the seven science priorities (listed below) that the NE CSC will address through consortium and competitively funded research activities, as well as collaborations with regional partners.

Revisions to earlier versions of the Science Agenda were made in response to the feedback received during two Stakeholder Outreach and Science Planning Meetings held in January 2013 in Amherst, MA and Minneapolis, MN, as well as comments submitted by the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, an online survey, and targeted meetings with stakeholders.

The NE CSC greatly appreciates the input and contributions of the NE CSC Consortium, the NE CSC Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and other partners and stakeholders over the past year in helping develop this visionary document. The NE CSC is confident this document will serve as a catalyst for future conversations with the climate and adaptation community in the region to advance common goals.

NE CSC Science Themes

Science Theme 1: Climate projections and assessments

Science Theme 2: Climate impacts on land-use and land-cover

Science Theme 3: Climate impacts on freshwater resources and ecosystems

Science Theme 4: Climate impacts on Atlantic and Great Lakes coastal and nearshore environments

Science Theme 5: Ecological vulnerability and species response to climate variability and change

Science Theme 6: Impacts of climate variability and change on cultural resources

Science Theme 7: Decision frameworks for evaluating risk and managing natural resources under climate change