DOINews: NE CSC Investigators Present at the Midwest Fisheries and Wildlife Conference

Last edited 4/26/2016

NE CSC Investigators present at the Midwest Fisheries and Wildlife Conference.

Symposium: Application of GIS to Advance Fisheries Science

Title: A Stream Temperature Inventory Network and Decision Support Metadata Mapper for North East U.S.

Authors: Yin-Phan Tsang, Jana Stewart, Dana Infante

Affiliation: Michigan State University, U.S. Geological Survey

ABSTRACT: Stream temperature is a key factor in determining the distribution of aquatic organisms and affects nearly all aspects of stream ecology and water-quality processes. Climate change is expected to alter stream temperature over the coming decades, and in turn influence distributions of aquatic species in freshwater ecosystems. To better understand these changes, there is a need to inventory, compile, and collect both short-and long-term stream temperature data. This project is a joint group effort to develop a web-based decision support mapper to display and integrate stream temperature monitoring locations and networks. We will compile information from multiple agencies and organizations about stream temperature data and monitoring locations and networks in New England and the Great Lakes States. Data stewards will be provided with a list of requested metadata elements associated with the stream temperature data such as monitoring agency, site locations, period and frequency of records, etc. We target both continuous and instantaneous stream temperature data that reflect average temperature conditions of streams. Additional information such as paired air temperature, water quality, or aquatic biota monitoring data will also be collected. Stream temperature metadata will be combined into a common format in order to inventory, summarize, and map the information from multiple agencies. The final product will be developed for data stewards to manage and to design future monitoring efforts, and the web-based decision support mapper will supply climate related research for temperature modeling and assist stakeholders for decision making.

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