DOINews: NC CSC Welcomes Two New CSU Employees

Last edited 4/26/2016

The NC CSC welcomed two new CSU employees in January and February 2014. Jill Lackett will be serving as the new University Program Manager and Stacy Lynn will be serving as the new Research and Engagement Coordinator.

Jill headshot
Jill Lackett received her MA in Anthropology (Human Ecology) from Colorado State University. Her thesis research involved interviewing farmers and ranchers in Weld County, CO regarding conservation practices they chose to implement on their farms/ranches. She is excited to be getting back into the realm of climate science after being apart from it after working in the Great Plains region on the first National Assessment in the late 1990s. In addition to coordinating the North Central University Consortium, Jill will be working with Dennis Ojima and Shannon McNeeley in the adaptation foundational science area. Jill is also a part-time research associate at the Natural Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University.

stacylynnStacy Lynn received her MSc in Rangeland Ecosystem Science and her PhD in Ecology, both from Colorado State University. She is currently a Research Scientist with CSU's Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, where her work focuses on a higher education partnership with University of Nairobi's Center for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies, and on East African dryland systems that are going through rapid change with challenging consequences for people and ecosystems, particularly due to climate change and development. Her interests are focused in interdisciplinary approaches to research in social-ecological systems, climate change, participatory research, science education, systems thinking, sustainability, citizen science, and natural resource governance. Stacy's interest in complex, applied, social-ecological questions with real implications on the ground for both people and conservation have led her to her new position as Research and Engagement Coordinator for the NC CSC, where she will coordinate the Center's funded research projects, and will work on communication and engagement across the University, the NC CSC's consortium of partners, and the public.

Welcome Jill and Stacy!