DOINews: Amy Birtwistle Receives NASA DEVELOP Excellence Award

Last edited 4/26/2016

Congratulations to intern Amy Birtwistle for her award as “DEVELOPer of the Term” for spring 2013.


The award distinguishes Amy from more than 330 NASA DEVELOP interns across the nation for her outstanding contributions and performance. She is a second-term DEVELOP intern at the NC CSC and a Master's student in watershed science at Colorado State University, the site of one of the newest DEVELOP Programs in the country. Amy has worked on two on-going landscape-scale projects; examining the long-term impacts of pine beetles on forests, and baseline mapping of headwaters and wetlands for long-term monitoring. She has also been a leader in geospatial analyses for our team of interns and has played a leading role in training new interns. Amy continues a trend of excellence from the NASA DEVELOP students working through the NC CSC. Steve Chignell was the term's runner-up last fall, and Matt Luizza was awarded one of two student scholarship awarded last summer by the NASA DEVELOP Program.

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