DOINews: Climate Science and Resource Management Lecture Series

Last edited 4/26/2016

A special topics lecture series, organized through Colorado State University (CSU) and the North Central Climate Science Center (NC CSC), will be hosted by the USGS Fort Collins Science Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Regular lectures will be held 11:00 AM – 1 PM on Fridays, starting August 31 through December 7, 2012.

Location: Colorado State University, Natural and Environmental Sciences Building, Room A302-304

Instructors: Dennis Ojima, CSU Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory ( and Jeff Morisette, USGS NC CSC (

Objective: The course objectives are twofold: (1) expose students to state-of-the-science research providing the best available climate science and synthesis to inform energy, land, and cultural resource management within the North Central Domain and (2) present collaborative opportunities between students, lecturers, the North Central Climate Science Center Stakeholders, and University consortium for integrated vulnerability and adaptation research.

This will be a combined lecture series with the USGS Fort Collins Science Center and a graduate special-topics course through Colorado State University's Natural Resource Ecology Lab and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. The class will be co-run by Drs. Jeff Morisette and Dennis Ojima.

To learn more or see the schedule of upcoming seminars, please click here.