NREL Fall 2012 Seminar Series
Managing our Natural Resources for Changing Climate

Facilitated by Dennis Ojima (CSU NREL) and Jeff Morisette (USGS NC CSC)

The NREL (Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory) seminar series was co-sponsored by the Department of Interior's North Central Climate Science Center and NREL with Drs. Jeff Morisette and Dennis Ojima co-organizing the series. The speakers for the series represented a number of experts engaged in researching natural resource management issues relative to climate and other global change effects. In addition, a number of speakers were involved in the on-going U.S. National Climate Assessment and shared some of the findings related to technical inputs to the efforts. The aim of the set of speakers was to explore what are the natural resource management challenges associated with managing and adapting for climate change.


Fall 2012 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker Seminar Title
August 25
Dennis Ojima & Jeff Morisette
August 31
Jeff Morisette, DOI North Central Climate Science Center
An Update on the Research Strategy for the DOI North Central Climate Science Center
September 7
Jill Baron, USGS Fort Collins Science Center
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Western Mountain Ecosystems
September 14
Linda Joyce, U.S. Forest Service
Reporting to Congress on the Vulnerability of Forests to Climate Change: The National Climate Assessment
September 21
Bob Gough, Inter-tribal Council on Utility Policy
Tribal Strategies for Resilience in the Face of Weather Extremes
September 28
Jonathan Mawdsley, H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
Adventures in Adaptive Management: Development of Wildlife Management Indicators for Western Landscapes
October 5
October 12
Leigh Welling, Climate Change Response Program, National Park Service
Navigating Terra Incognita: Resource Management in a Changing Climate
October 19
Steve Jackson, DOI Southwest Climate Science Center
Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation: Thirteen Lessons from the Past
October 26
Amy Symstad, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Climate Change Vulnerability and Implications for Natural Resource Management in the Black Hills
November 2
Dennis Ojima, CSU Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Emerging Challenges for Managing Social-ecological Systems under a Changing Climate: Bringing Resilience from Theory to Practice (and Back)
November 9
Max Post van der Burg, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Using decision analysis for making robust management decisions under extreme uncertainty and prioritizing (climate) information
November 16 Patrick Shafroth with Laura Perry, Lauren Hay and Steven Markstrom, USGS, Fort Collins Science Center Projecting climate change effects on cottonwood and willow seed dispersal phenology, flood
timing, and seedling recruitment in western riparian forests
November 23
Thanksgiving Break - No Seminar
November 30
Shannon McNeeley
Demonstrating the Utility of a Participatory Approach to Understanding Social-ecological Vulnerability
and Adaptive Capacity for Responding to Climate Change