DOINews: CSC Research Affiliates to Sponsor Session at Fall AGU Meeting

Last edited 4/26/2016

Researchers and collaborators from the DOI Climate Science Centers are sponsoring a session at the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) on December 9-13, 2013 in San Francisco, CA. See below for more information on the sessions.

Please consider submitting an abstract. The deadline is August 6, 2013. Submit abstracts at:

Glacier Change: Implications for Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Ecology and Oceanography” (session # GC018).

Session Description: Glaciers in most regions of the world are losing mass and many mountain glaciers at lower altitude are predicted to disappear within decades. These climate-driven changes in glacier mass are impacting runoff rates and have downstream implications that include: shifts in aquatic biogeochemistry and food webs, changes in land-to-ocean fluxes of freshwater and alterations to coastal currents. This session seeks to bring together research in different disciplines addressing the physical, chemical and ecological impacts of glacier change on downstream ecosystems. We are interested in fieldwork and modeling studies from glaciers and ice sheets that highlight the local to global relevance of glacier retreat.

For more information, please contact the session conveners: Eran Hood (Univ. Alaska Southeast,, Tom Battin (University of Vienna,, Jemma Wadham (University of Bristol,, and Shad O'Neel (US Geological Survey,

Climate Variability and Water Resources Management: Integrating Paleoclimate, Observations and Physical Models” (session # GC011).

Session Description: Water resource managers face considerable obstacles in adapting to climate change and variability. Paleoclimatic proxies, observations, and physical/hydrologic models have all been used to better understand climate variability, and to some extent have been incorporated into water resource management. The differing methodologies and spatiotemporal resolution of individual studies, however, often prevents an actionable synthesis of results, and generation of management-useful metrics. This session seeks contributions that integrate paleoclimate, observations, and physical models to improve the understanding and incorporation of climate information into water resource management.

Conveners: Gregory Pederson (USGS), Jeremy Littell (USGS), and Stephen Gray (USGS).

For more information, contact Greg Pederson (, Jeremy Littell ( or Steve Gray (