The scientific priorities of the Alaska CSC are driven by the needs of the natural- and cultural-resource management communities in the Alaska region. High level priorities are outlined in the Alaska CSC's Strategic Plan, and the Center seeks guidance from its Stakeholder Advisors on at least a bi-annual basis.

The Climate Change Coordinating Committee (C4) assists the Alaska CSC in implementing its Strategic Plan by:

  1. Providing guidance in the conversion of stakeholder input into an Annual Action Plan and
  2. Recommending how to utilize available scientific assets to best address regional science priorities.

Maximization of available scientific assets and a concerted effort to avoid duplication of effort are also facilitated by regional Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) coordinators, the USGS Alaska Science Center, and an Academic Leadership Team drawn from all three of the University of Alaska campuses.

To maintain high-quality research, avoid conflicts of interest and protect confidential information, the Alaska CSC is implementing rigorous procedures for reviewing Center activities. The Alaska CSC's Annual Action Plan will also be reviewed from a national perspective to identify issues benefiting from multi-region collaborations among CSCs and other partners.