FCHS Assisted Acquisition Services

The Cloud Program


The FCHS Assisted Acquisition Services is our step-by-step information for customers looking to utilize the FCHS Contract options. Get started with our Prerequisite Checklist, learn about the benefits of Cloud, and obtain an overview of the facilitated planning steps highlighted below. Our end-to-end process is broken into three major sections: preparation, solution, and execution.


1. Getting Started with FCHS

Understanding FCHS and Cloud Services
Welcome to the first step on the Cloud Program process, before you start, please review your:


Know Your Options
Understanding the different contract options, service lines, models, and vendors:


Key Dates
Dates, timelines and project milestones that you need to know:


    2. Using the FCHS Catalog


    Transition your current application or develop a new cloud solution
    Gather your system requirements or collect your current system architecture:


    3. Requesting Your FCHS Services


    Request Services - Templates


    Finding your solution

    • Cloud Hosting Services will work with the customer to identify the best and most efficient solution from the FCHS or other available contracts.


    Template Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    How we can help

    • Our Standard Offering: Up to two (2) hours for template guidance and consultative support.


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