Getting Prepared - Phases

There are several things that tribal leaders can do to prepare for the Buy-Back Program. One important activity is to become familiar with the four land consolidation phases. Additional steps that your reservation might pursue are included below:

General Steps

  • Review website content (especially the Program FAQ), outreach examples and offer packet documents.
  • Establish a tribal task force or team to plan for land consolidation. Designate an authorized tribal point of contact.
  • Provide information to the Buy-Back Program about the tribe’s land consolidation programs and current capacities, including any plans the tribe might have to utilize Program tools – such as appraisals and mapping – to direct its own resources to reduce fractionation and manage tribal land. (DOI recognizes that some tribes have pursued land consolidation activities for many years).


  • Educate landowners about the Buy-Back Program and other options for dealing with fractionated land beyond the Buy-Back Program (e.g., estate planning). General Buy-Back Program outreach materials are available to facilitate this effort.
  • Identify questions and issues that are frequently raised by owners and share them with the Buy-Back Program.
  • Encourage landowners to update their address, date of birth, and contact information by contacting the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at (888) 678-6836.
  • Attend general outreach meetings, webinars, or regional events (list of upcoming events is available for reference).

Land Research

  • Work with the Buy-Back Program to exchange GIS data to ensure current mapping of reservation lands, which can facilitate identification of priorities and valuation efforts.
  • Determine tribal acquisition priorities (specific tracts of land that are of particular interest for acquisition.