Purchase Offer Package Documents

After land valuation activities begin on your reservation, you may receive an offer for your land. To facilitate sales, the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations (Buy-Back Program) will provide landowners with a base payment of $75 per offer, regardless of the value of the land (this payment will be in addition to the fair market value of your interest, in recognition of the time and effort required of landowners who proceed through the acquisition process).

The Buy-Back Program will use the following documents to present your offer. Please note that these documents may be updated as the Program is implemented. Click on each document below to review a sample:

Post Purchase Documents:

Available Upon Request:

For more guidance on the offer packet, please contact the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at (888) 678-6836 or refer to the How to Complete the Buy-Back Program Deed or Purchasable Interests Inventory Guide documents. The Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) has also developed a useful publication, Informing Indian Landowners On the Land Buy-Back Program.

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