FY 2006 Budget in Brief

Table of Contents


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  1. Foreword

  2. Departmental Overview

The Numbers
Accent on Results: Management Excellence at Interior
Supporting the Department's Mission
Maintaining Core Program
Programmatic Budget Highlights
Program Termination and Reductions
Other Major Changes by Bureau
Mandatory Proposals
Department of the Interior Facts
  1. Departmental Highlights

Cooperative Conservation
Sustaining Biological Communities
Landscape and Watershed Protection
Reclaiming Abandoned Coal Mines
Maintaining Parks and Preserving
Water Delivery
Water 2025 - Preventing Crises and Conflict in the West
California Bay - Delta Restoration
Energy and Minerals
Forest Management
Land Management Operations
The Federal Lands Enhancement Recreation Act
The Land and Water Conservation Fund
Volunteer Programs
Take Pride in America
Fulfilling Trust Responsibilities
     Operation of Trust Programs
Serving Tribal Communities
Protecting Lives, Resources, and Property
    Wildland Fire
    Law Enforcement
Science for Communities
  • Management Excellence
    New Approaches to Workforce Planning
    Linking Goals to Budget and Financial Management
    New Approaches to Asset Management
    Improved Information Technology and E-Government
    Achieving Efficiencies through Better Management and Competitive Sourcing
  1. Bureau Highlights

  1. Appendices