Summary: Senate Floor Action on the FY 2002 Energy and Water Development Appropriations

July 18th 2001

July 18th 2001 was the third day of Senate floor action on the 2002 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill. Of note in the proceedings is the following:

  • A compromise amendment developed by Senators Daschle and Bond was offered and adopted by a vote of 100 to 0 on the COE Missouri River operating plan. The amendment allows the Corps to propose alternatives to achieve species recovery other than those prescribed in the November 2000 FWS biological opinion. The Senate bill already includes a provision that prohbits the Corps from changing its river management plan.

  • The Senate voted down an amendment offered by Sen. Murkowski that would earmark $10 million for grants to enhance job training for the Department of Energy. The amendment would have redirected $10 million from CALFED.

  • The Senate adopted A Craig amendment for repayment for Arrowrock Dam and a Wyden amendment to add $500,000 to conduct design work at Savage Rapids Dam.