Summary: House Floor Action on the FY 2002 Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill

The House took up the 2002 Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill on June 21, 2001. Floor debate continued throughout the day until early evening. The bill was passed by a vote of 376 to 32.

The House bill totals $18.9 billion, including $9.4 billion for the Department of the Interior. This is a net decrease of $75.3 million from the 2001 enacted level, and is $244.4 million or 2.7 percent above the President's request. With few exceptions the House adopted a bill that funds most bureaus, offices and programs at the levels recommended in the President's budget. The House differs from the budget proposal in its treatment of LWCF State grants. It also increases funding for a number of wildlife grant programs, Abandoned Mine Reclamation grants, the U.S. Geological Survey, and Payments in Lieu of Taxes above the request level. The House did not adopt the endangered species listing language proposed in the President's budget, however, the House did adopt a critical habitat designation subcap for already-listed species.

For the priorities requested in the President's budget, the House provided the following:

  • $154.0 million for the LWCF State grants, a reduction of $296.0 million from the request. The House did not support the proposal to broaden the uses of the grants, but funded the traditional purposes.

  • $60.0 million, as requested, for Landowner Incentive and Stewardship Grants.

  • $439.1 million for the NPS backlog.

  • $20.0 million for the NPS Natural Resource Challenge, consistent with the President's budget request.

  • $292.5 million for Bureau of Indian Affairs education construction including $122.8 million for six replacement school projects.

  • $543.1 million for BIA education programs including increases of $15.6 million for elementary and secondary school operations and $1.0 million for tribally controlled community colleges.

  • $60.9 million for Indian land and water settlements including an increase of $23.5 million for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to implement recently authorized settlements resolving long standing claims to water and lands in California, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, and Utah.

  • $17.0 million for energy programs including $2.0 million more than the $15.0 requested for BLM, and $7.4 million for MMS programs in the Outer Continental Shelf.

The House fully funds the Conservation Spending Category, providing $1.32 billion for conservation programs, an increase of $64.0 million over the 2002 budget request. The House included $1.033 billion for Department of the Interior programs within the CSC, reflecting an increase of $22.2 million over the budget request and $152.3 million over the 2001 level for comparable programs. A detailed table is provided as Attachment 1.

For more details on funding levels and legislative provisions, click here. (PDF Format)