Summary: Final House Floor Action on the Interior and Related Agencies Bill

The House passed the 2002 Interior and Related Agencies bill by a vote of 376 to 32 on June 21st 2001.

The House made one funding change in Title I, which funds Department programs. As part of an offset for an amendment to increase funding for NEA and NEH, the Departmental Management account was reduced by $9 million to $55.2 million. Several policy amendments were also adopted.

Action by the House on Department-related amendments was as follows:

Amendments Adopted:

Rep. Davis: Prohibit use of funds to execute a final lease agreement for oil and gas from lease sale area 181 prior to April 1, 2002. Adopted by a vote of 247 to 164.

Rep. Rahall: Prohibit use of funds to conduct mineral preleasing, leasing and related activities within the boundaries of a national monument established pursuant to the Antiquities Act, as such boundaries existed on January 20, 2001, except where such activities are allowed under the Presidential proclamation establishing the monument. Adopted by a vote of 242 to 173.

Rep. Inslee: Prohibit use of funds to suspend or repeal BLM's 3809 mining regulations. Adopted by a vote of 216 to 194.

Rep. Slaughter: Increase the National Endowment for the Humanities by $3 million; the Institute of Museums and Library Services by $2 million; and NEA Challenge America Arts Fund by $10 million funded by transfer of funds from Departmental Management ($9 million) and the Forest Service ($6 million). Adopted by a vote of 221 to 193.

Rep. Maloney: Amend the Royalty-In-Kind authorizing language for the Minerals Management Service. Committee reported language continues 2001 language that requires MMS to analyze proposed RIK sales to assure to the maximum extent practicable that royalty income under the RIK program is "equal to or greater than royalty income recognized under a comparable royalty-in-value program". The amendment adds the following to this language: "including the royalty valuation procedures established by the final rule published by the Minerals Management Service on March 15, 2000." Agreed to by a voice vote.

Amendments Defeated:

Rep. DeFazio: Limit the extension of the Recreation Fee Demonstration program to one year, rather than 4. Defeated by voice vote.

Rep. DeFazio: Strike four year extension of the Recreation Fee Demonstration program provided in section 312 of the bill. This would end the program at the end of 2002. Defeated by a vote of 129 to 287. [Our report of yesterday incorrectly said that this amendment would have terminated the program for BLM and USFS only. The amendment was so described by its sponsor, but the text of the amendment struck the extension in its entirety.]

Rep. Sanders: Increase PILT by $12 million; the DOE weatherization program by $24 million; and state energy conservation grants by $12 million. Offset by reductions in fossil energy research. Defeated by a vote of 150 to 264.

Rep. Deutsch: Prohibit use of funds to extend leases for the homes at Stiltsville in Biscayne National Park. Defeated by a vote of 187 to 222.

Amendment Withdrawn:

Rep. Pombo: $1,000,000 for the Banta-Carbona Irrigation District Fish Screen Project in Tracy, California from the Cooperative Endangered Species Fund.