Blog of the Interior

The BLM Gila District's Safford Hand Crew works a burnout operation during2017 Frye Fire.
Nov 15, 2022
One year ago, President Biden signed the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law into law—a once-in-a-generation investment in America’s infrastructure and competitiveness. 
A broad valley rimmed with sandstone cliffs within Indian Creek canyon.
Nov 15, 2022
In honor of National American Heritage Month, learn about how Interior has committed to revitalizing Indigenous connections and celebrate Indigenous cultures.   
Bison family relaxing in a pasture in the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Nov 3, 2022
Explore 15 fun facts about the American bison, the new national mammal of the U.S.
Hundred of birds fly over the still waters of a wide lake under a yellow sunrise sky.
Oct 7, 2022
Each October, National Wildlife Refuge Week celebrates the vast network of public lands and waters managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Wildlife Refuge...
A herd of bison in Yellowstone National Park grazing in a valley with mountains behind them
Jul 22, 2022
The Interior Department's Strategic Plan for fiscal year 2022-2026 integrates equity, justice, climate, and environmental management into the breadth of activities in which...
Kris smiles while kneeling on the ground in a forest.
May 6, 2022
Earth, water, air, fire — Interior covers it all! Our mission is a unique one and we have an impressive and diverse team that works hard to achieve it every day.