Acquisition Services - Aviation Resources

The Aviation Resource List contains Aircraft and Pilots under Contract with the DOI IBC Acquisition Services. This list of aircraft and pilots are inspected and "Carded" by the DOI Office of Aviation Services, and are available for use by DOI Bureaus as well as other Federal Agencies.

The list contains the following On Call and ARA pricing information:

  • Aircraft Rental Agreement
  • On-Call Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT)
  • On-Call Small Helicopter - Lower 48
  • On-Call Small Helicopter - Hawaii
  • On-Call R44 Helicopter - Alaska
  • On-Call Turbine Helicopter - Alaska
  • On-Call Air Tactical Fixed Wing
  • On-Call Aerial Capture, Eradication and Tagging of Animals (ACETA)
  • On-Call BLM Wild Horse & Burrow (WHB)


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The OAS Flight Coordination Centers are available for assistance in aircraft ordering and completing the AQD-91 Order Request Form for Government Flight Services form. If an aviation emergency or accident needs to be reported, please call 1-888-464-7427 (1-888-4MISHAP).

Vendors: If you need information about your Contract/Agreement please contact the AQD IBC Contracting Officer responsible for your contract, contact information can be found on the Acquisition Services - Contracts & Agreements page.

If you need information on carding and inspection for your aircraft you may contact the OAS Regional Office responsible, Alaska (AKRO), Western Region (WRO), Eastern Region (ERO).