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Issues Raised in Outreach Comments


From November 2009 through mid-January 2010, the Special Assistant to the Secretary for Alaska Affairs solicited comments and met with a wide variety of stakeholders in conducting the Secretary’s review of the federal subsistence program in Alaska. Listed below are the principal concerns raised by commenter’s. While representing most of the topics raised either verbally or in written comments, this list may not be exhaustive, and some topics or comments may have been inadvertently omitted. This list summarizes comments and concerns as presented in the review, and does not necessarily represent statements of fact or the views of the Secretary’s Office.

We invite your review of these issues. If you would like to comment on any of the issues below, or know of additional issues that should be added to the list, please submit them utilizing our email, fax, or physical addresses found here.

We are currently analyzing issues raised in preparation of draft recommendations to be considered by the Secretary.

I. Policy, Practices, Regulatory

Federal Subsistence Board (FSB)

Regional Advisory Councils

Regulatory Process

Office of Subsistence Management (OSM)

Research, Monitoring and Information Management

Federal Land Use Actions (ANILCA Section 810)

Rural/Non-rural Determinations

Customary and Traditional (C&T) Use Determinations

Intensive Management/Predator Control

Customary Trade

Law Enforcement
Cooperative Agreements (ANILCA Section 809)
II. Title VIII Statutory Issues

Restriction of Subsistence Priority to “Rural Residents”

Salmon Bycatch

Title VIII as “Indian Legislation”
Costs of Defending Title VIII in Lawsuits

III. Other Statutory Issues

Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)
Migratory Bird Treaty Act