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Secretary's Memorandum to Fish and Wildlife Service Director Implementing Subsistence Review


December 17, 2010


To:       Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

From:   Secretary /s/Ken Salazar

Subject: Implementation of Subsistence Review Actions

Last year I directed a review of the Federal subsistence program in Alaska. After nearly two
decades it was time to ensure that the program is best serving rural Alaskans and that the letter
and spirit of Title VIII of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) are
being met.

That review, conducted through my Alaska Affairs office, included meetings with stakeholder
groups and individuals throughout Alaska as well as Federal, State, and local officials.
Following an analysis of the wide variety of comments, concerns, and suggestions expressed, a
number of recommendations for programmatic changes were brought forward for my
consideration. On August 31, 2010, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack and I announced our
decision to pursue a number of those recommendations to provide a more responsive and more
effective subsistence program (see attached press release).

Several of those directed actions involve programs under your direction:

1. In coordination with the AS-PMB, modify the budget to include a line item for the
Alaska subsistence program;

2. In the annual budget formulation process, seek input from the Federal Subsistence
Board (FSB) and other stakeholders on budgetary requirements and priorities for the
subsistence program;

3. Coordinate with AS-PMB in conducting an evaluation, in concert with other involved
bureaus, of the subsistence program including the budgetary requirements,
organization, and diversity;

4. In conformance with appropriate processes and procedures, encourage the utilization
of contracting and ANICLA Section 809 cooperative agreements with local tribes and
other entities in fulfilling subsistence program elements; and

5. Consult with the FSB in the hiring and the annual evaluation of the Director of the
Office of Subsistence Management (OSM).
I hope you will give these actions your attention. If you have further questions, please contact
Mr. Kim Elton at (202) 208-4177, or Mr. Pat Pourchot at (907) 271-5485.