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Onshore Renewable Energy Workshop 2011

The Department of the Interior Onshore Renewable Energy Workshop, held in Washington, D.C., February 9–10, 2011, focused on highlighting the renewable energy accomplishments and challenges of 2010 and how to incorporate lessons learned into renewable energy planning in 2011 and beyond.  Target audiences were renewable energy stakeholders, which includes renewable energy industry representatives, environmental interest representatives, and federal and state government staff tasked with implementing renewable energy initiatives.  More than 450 individuals participated in the workshop.  These individuals engaged in constructive dialogue on the lessons learned from renewable energy development in 2010 and the ways in which these lessons can be used to strengthen the Department’s renewable energy program.

For an overall agenda of the event, click here.


Secretaries’ Roundtable Discussion—After Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar welcomed attendees to the workshop, Secretary Salazar, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack discussed the role that their respective Departments play in renewable energy development on public lands.  The Secretaries then fielded questions submitted by workshop attendees.

Plenary Session—Update on Department of the Interior Policy Initiatives—After Steve Black, Counselor to the Secretary of the Interior, made opening remarks, Interior officials updated attendees on current policy initiatives.

Stakeholder Discussions—Five stakeholder discussion sessions were held over lunch.

Protecting America’s Treasured Landscapes & Wildlife Resources—Tom Strickland, Assistant Secretary for Fish & Wildlife & Parks, spoke to workshop attendees about the importance of protecting landscapes and wildlife while pressing forward with Interior’s renewable energy initiatives.

Plenary Session—Building on the Historical Achievements in 2010 to Establish a Sustainable Renewable Energy Program for 2011 and Beyond—Industry, environmental, and Interior representatives spoke about past renewable energy achievements and the opportunity to use lessons learned to establish a sustainable program.   


Keynote Address—After Steve Black welcomed attendees back to the workshop, John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, spoke about the importance of developing America’s clean energy future and ensuring that development is done right.

Stakeholder Discussions—Immediately following the keynote address, six stakeholder discussion sessions were held over lunch.

Stakeholder Discussion Report-Outs—After the second day’s stakeholder discussions, one person from each discussion session provided summaries of their discussions, including pertinent issues addressed, challenges discussed, and suggestions posed for continuing to strengthen renewable energy initiatives at Interior.

Closing Remarks—Steve Black addressed attendees to close the workshop.

Discussion Session Summaries