ANILCA Section 804


Section 804 states:

Except as otherwise provided in this Act and other Federal laws, the taking on public lands of fish and wildlife for non-wasteful subsistence uses shall be accorded priority over the taking on such lands of fish and wildlife for other purposes. Whenever it is necessary to restrict the taking of populations of fish and wildlife on such lands for subsistence uses in order to protect the continued viability of such populations, or to continue such uses, such priority shall be implemented through appropriate limitations based on the application of the following criteria:

(l) customary and direct dependence upon the populations as the mainstay of livelihood;

(2) local residency; and

(3) the availability of alternative resources.



FSA14-03 - Draft Staff Analysis

The Napaskiak Tribal Council submitted Fishery Special Action Request FSA14-03, which asks the Federal Subsistence Board (Board) to close the Kuskokwim River drainage to Chinook salmon fishing except by Federally qualified subsistence users, and to conduct an analysis under Section 804 of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA). READ MORE