MA 1-30-14 All-Council Meeting Announcement

Press Release


Carl Johnson
(907) 786-3676 or (800) 478-1456 
Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils to Hold Meetings Statewide

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Schedule

The Councils will develop proposals to change Federal subsistence fish and shellfish regulations and discuss other issues related to subsistence.

For additional information regarding each meeting, contact the meeting coordinator listed above or the Office of Subsistence Management at (800) 478-1456 or (907) 786-3888 or by
e-mail, The meeting materials for each meeting will be posted on the Federal Subsistence Management Program’s website,,
approximately two weeks prior each meeting. Additional information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program is also available at this site.

If you need special accommodations for disabilities or for teleconferencing arrangements, please contact the meeting coordinator or the Office of Subsistence Management approximately one week prior to the meeting. READ MORE