DOI Safety and Health Awareness Week and Safety Day

The DOI Safety and Health Awareness week and Safety Day activities are intended to underscore the Secretary’s expectations for employee health and safety and focus management actions toward accident prevention.


The DOI Safety and Health Council (SHC) members have proposed to change the form and focus of Safety Week and have named the initiative, “DOI SAFEWORK 2009”. 


To focus management attention on the safety and health of their employees and manage risk through out the year.


  • All DOI employees understand the Secretary’s expectations for employee health and safety.
  • Management is aware of and assumes accountability for implementation of the SAFEWORK 2009 program.
  • Best employee health and safety practices are recognized and widely disseminated across DOI.
  • Employee confidence in management’s commitment to employee safety is increased.


  • Issue a memo from the Secretary’s Office by January 15, 2009.  The program will no longer be about a time-bound event but a meaningful demonstration of management’s commitment to the health and safety of their employees.  As part of this program, field managers will be required to report back to the Secretary on what they did.
  • Develop a Safety and Health Policy Statement from the Secretary.
  • The SHC will assess the field’s safety awareness efforts and recognize those units operating in an exemplary way.  Financial awards will accompany this recognition from the Secretary.
  • Tie SAFEWORK efforts to IG report deficiencies.
  • Develop marketing materials (banner, posters, website content, etc.)
    • Have field safety personnel review marketing materials.
    • Review the resources already available on Safety Net for marketing SAFEWORK 2009.


  • Funding will be identified for:
    • Front end requirements
    • Safety awards to the field as recognition of successful safety awareness efforts

Work Group Deliverables include:

  • Draft Secretary’s message for submission to PMB.
  • Implementation plan for awards to the field.
  • Draft policy statement.
  • Development and dissemination of marketing materials.


  • A committee will be developed consisting of volunteers from the bureaus and offices to plan and execute the process.
  • Actions:

    • The Office of Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) will look for volunteers to help with marketing SAFEWORK 2009.
    • OHS will provide structure for the project and market it through the DASHO Committee.
    • OHS will identify and seek approval for marketing materials through the DASHO Council
    • OHS will investigate setting up a DOI sharepoint site for the SHC.

    DOI Safety Awards

    Awards will be handled through the DOI awards process.

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