ESF #11 NCH is organized and coordinated by the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) and works with a series of other organizations to respond to incidents threatening Natural and Cultural Resources and Historic Properties.

ESF #11 – NCH support agencies include:

As a manager of our Nation's coastal and marine resources, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) serves as the steward for these resources to help meet our Nation's economic, social, and environmental needs. Performing tasks ranging from daily weather forecast, to coastal restoration, NOAA brings a variety of skills and expertise to aid ESF #11 NCH.

NOAA supports ESF #11 NCH by consulting and providing assistance on a variety of marine and coastal resources, including marine mammals, fish habitats, coral reef ecosystems, as well as providing experts and facilities for contaminant analysis. NOAA also provides ESF #11 NCH with past environmental data and aerial maps of impacted areas with which baseline conditions can be determined and esablished, and damage for coastal regions can be assessed.

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DOI also partners with the Heritage Emergency National Task Force (HENTF), a partnership of non-governmental organization (NGOs) and federal agencies that provides the combined experience and resources of its members to support ESF #11 NCH.

When ESF #11 NCH is activated, DOI consults and works with these support agencies to provide support to response activities as well as for professional expertise and guidance.

Certain partners, such as HENTF, participate in preparedness and response even when ESF #11 – NCH is not activated, and can be a valuable source of information and aid for everyday preservation of natural and cultural resources





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