Ecosystem Services Frameworks: Protecting the Chesapeake Bay and Providing Carbon Sequestration

September 8, 2014

In Montgomery County, Maryland, officials had to decide how to plan urban growth while protecting the Chesapeake Bay. At the Great Dismal Swamp in southeastern Virginia, refuge managers wanted to enhance the potential for carbon sequestration while understanding and balancing the needs of wildlife and visitors. In both cases, taking into account the goods and services provided by ecosystems was key to determining how to proceed. The use of an ecosystem services framework in decision making can be an effective approach for balancing diverse and often competing objectives. Please join Interior’s Office of Policy Analysis on September 8 for their monthly speaker series, which will feature Dianna Hogan from the USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center, for a discussion of the barriers, challenges, and opportunities to using an ecosystem services framework in decision making.

Diana Hogan, Research Physical Scientist, USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center

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