FY2012 Economic Report


FY21012 Econ Report Cover

2012 Economic Report: On July 29, 2013 the Department released the 2012 Economic Contributions Report, a project led by the Office of Policy Analysis. The report concluded that in fiscal year 2012 the Department's wide range of recreational, conservation, energy, land and water management programs and activities supported more than 2 million American jobs and contributed about $211 billion in value added to the Nation's economy.  Executive Summary | Full FY 2012 Report | Press Release

Table of Contents; Figures, Tables and Contributors
Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2 Recreation
Chapter 3 Conservation
Chapter 4 Energy from Fossil Fuels
Chapter 5 Renewable Energy
Chapter 6 Water
Chapter 7 Non-fuel Minerals
Chapter 8 Forage and Livestock Grazing
Chapter 9 Timber
Chapter 10 Mitigation, Reclamation, Restoration and Recovery
Chapter 11 Tribal Economies
Chapter 12 Grants and Payments
Chapter 13 Science, Data and Information
Chapter 14 Special Topics: Conservation Banking
Chapter 15 Special Topics: Wildland Fire Economics
Chapter 16 Special Topics: Climate Change Adaptation
Appendix 1 Economic Contribution Estimates
Appendix 2 State-by-State Information
Appendix 3 Technical Appendix

Some of the content of the FY 2012 Economic Report is available separately on-line. Please click on the following links to view this content.

 Interactive Map: DOI Economic Contributions by State

This is an interactive map displaying DOI economic contributions by State. By clicking on each State you can view information  on value added, economic output, total jobs supported by DOI activities and the number of recreation visits per State. To view contributions from Alaska and Hawaii, click and hold while panning West until the States appear in your browser. The definitions of the values reported are as follows:

Value Added ($B): The difference between DOI's estimated total output (sales or receipts and other operating income) and the cost of it's intermediate inputs (consumption of goods and services purchased from other industries or imported).

Economic Output ($B): The total estimated value of production of goods and services supported by DOI.

Total Jobs Supported: Total estimated number of jobs that support DOI managed activities. 

Recreation Visits: Total estimated number of visitors to recreation sites on public land.

For a more detailed map comparing contributions across States, please click here.