Formed in 2001 to foster enhanced communication and collaboration among all bureaus.

Composed of the senior learning and development professional at each bureau. Stated vision:  Through communication, cooperation, and partnering, we will maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of training program offerings and facilities usage throughout the Department.

We share our expertise and insight with key DOI and Bureau leadership to foster an environment that values learning as a key component of human capital development and strategic planning.



Norma Martinez: Bureau of Reclamation (President)
Sandra Wells: Strategic Employee Development
Patti Macleod: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Don Charpio: Bureau of Land Management
Cheryl Callahan: Minerals Management Service
Lynn McPheeters: National Business Center
Kathy Hanson: National Park Service
Dianne Moran: Office of the Special Trustee
Judith Blowe: Office of Surface Mining
Jim Willis: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
Jay Slack: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
Dianne Jeffries: U.S. Geological Survey