Office of Planning and Performance Management. The Office of Planning and Performance Management provides leadership, guidance, and consulting services for the Department of the Interior on strategic planning, performance management, and organizational and process streamlining. These efforts are directed toward improving programs, and increasing operational effectiveness and efficiency in helping to provide better service to the Department's customers both internal and external to the Office of the Secretary. It serves as a bridge between budgeting and financial management by using performance information to support budget requests, and performance results for financial accountability. The Office also assists bureaus and offices in developing policy directives especially relative to the fulfillment of the Strategic Plan. The Office is headed by a Director who reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary - Budget, Finance, Performance, and Acquisition. The Director also performs the function of Deputy Performance Improvement Officer; established under Executive Order 13450.

Functions. The Office provides a variety of management services for Departmental leadership to foster and encourage organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability throughout Interior. The Office is responsible for the following:

A. Strategic Planning. Provides leadership and consulting services, including technical guidance and assistance, to the Office of the Secretary and the bureaus and offices of the Department in developing the Department's strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports. The Office is also responsible for ensuring that the Department's planning and performance reporting documents comply with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act (GPRAMA) statutory requirements (Public Law 111-352) and corresponding sections in OMB Circular A-11.

B. Performance Assessment and Program Evaluation. Determines and advises whether program goals are suitable for full achievement of the purposes of programs and that the means for measurement of progress toward achievement of the goals are sufficient. The Office is also responsible for assessing programmatic performance across the Department and advising bureaus and offices on means to improve programmatic performance and efficiency. As the Department's experts on effective planning and programmatic performance management, the Office assists in the development and use within the Department of performance measures in personnel performance appraisals, and, as appropriate, other Departmental personnel and planning processes, including appropriate training of effective planning and performance assessment skills and practice.

The Office defines the Department's program evaluation capability and leads the conduct of evaluations in accordance with the OMB Director's memorandum, dated October 7, 2009, on "Increased Emphasis on Program Evaluation". Such program evaluations assess the effect and benefit of programs, determine whether or not a program is achieving its goals, assess the full range of factors that can affect the success of the program, and evaluate possible alternative approaches to help the program better achieve its goals.

Meet our Office Director - Dr. Richard Beck