Executive Leadership and Staff

Jim Douglas


Deputy Director

Shari Eckhoff

Senior Advisor

Fire Program Analysis Executive Director (DOI/FS)

Christie Wiley

Communications Specialist

Eileen Zahara

Administrative Specialist

Jaclyn Corona

Administrative Specialist

Budget Performance and Management Division

Louis Mauney
Budget Officer
Denise Schmitz
Budget Analyst
Vacant Budget Analyst

Policy Division

Rod Bloms
Fire Operations Specialist
Erik Christiansen
Fuels Management/Biomass Coordinator
Erin Darboven
Communications Specialist for Cohesive Strategy
Susan Goodman
Fire Management Analyst
Russ Johnson
Decision Support Applications Manager
Vince Mazzier
Emergency Management Coordinator
Jenna Sloan
Strategic Planner
Peter Teensma
Fire Policy and Science Coordinator

Enterprise Systems and Decision Support

Andrew Bailey
Data Manager (WFDSS)
Henry Bastian
LANDFIRE Lead/Fire Ecologist
Russell Berry
Information Technology Specialist
Jaymee Fojtik
DOI/FPA Business Lead
Bill Johnson
Fire Management Specialist
Chris Markle
Program Manager
Kimber Roshelle Pederson
IRWIN Business Lead
Craig Thompson
GIS Analyst
Brent Timothy