Mission:  OWF coordinates the Department's wildland fire program with other Federal and non-federal partners to establish policies and budgets that are consistent and within the bureaus' statutory authorities and constraints.  OWF provides the strategic leadership and oversight that result in a safe, cohesive, efficient, and effective wildland fire program for the nation.

For more information on the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the OWF, please see our OWF Vision page.

Functions:  The primary functions of the Office of Wildland Fire are to manage, oversee, and coordinate the Department's wildland fire management programs, policies, budgets, and information technology enterprise systems and decision support tools.  

Organization:  The Office of Wildland Fire is led by a Director, who reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Safety, Resource Protection, and Emergency Services, who reports to the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management, and Budget, who reports to the Secretary. The Director is assisted by two Deputy Directors and staff in the following program areas: 

Most of the Office of Wildland Fire Staff work in either Washington, DC or Boise, ID.  There are some staff who work remotely.

Main Interior Office:
1849 C St., NW MS-2660
Washington, DC 20240

Lake Pointe Office:
300 E. Mallard Dr., Ste. 170
Boise, ID 83706