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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Wildland Fire
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Project Management Organization

The Project Management Organization (PMO) is comprised of a Project Leader, Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer's Representatives, Steering Committee, Executive Advisory Group, and a Project Working Team. The Office of Wildland Fire and each of the four bureaus have representatives on each of the groups. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has a representative on most teams since they have protection responsibilities for their lands, and the U.S. Geological Survey is represented as a result of their role in fire science, GIS, and mapping.

The PMO is represented by the following individuals:

Project Leader

Jim Douglas is Senior Advisor to Deputy Assistant Secretary, Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management (LESEM) Kim Thorsen. The Project Leader is the primary liaison with the contractor; supports/leads the Steering Committee and Executive Advisory Group; has ultimate responsibility for communications and outreach; and will interface with the Project Working Team lead.

Communications Advisor

Office of Wildland Fire (OWF), Christie Wiley  

Steering Committee  

The Steering Committee is responsible for strategic direction; identifying issues and questions; monitoring and providing project oversight; reviewing deliverables; evaluating alternatives; and accepting deliverables. Members include:

LESEM, Deputy Assistant Secretary - Kim Thorsen
BFPA, Deputy Assistant Secretary - Pam Haze
LESEM, Senior Advisor - Jim Douglas
Director of Management Initiatives and Transformation - Mary Pletcher
Forest Service Assistant Director Planning and Budget - Ronald Bertsch
Ex Officio Members
OWF, Working Team Lead - Vince Mazzier
OWF, Communications Advisor - Christie Wiley
OWF, CORs - Russ Berry and Jackie Corona
Acquisition Division (AQD), Contracting Officers - Anita Tolliver and Sarah Dolan  

Executive Advisory Group  

The Executive Advisory Group provides advice on direction and scope; monitors and provides oversight; reviews deliverables; facilitates acquisition of resources; and communicates with home organizations  

OWF - Kirk Rowdabaugh and Roy Johnson
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Tim Murphy
National Park Service (NPS) - Steve Shackelton and Louis Rowe
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) - Jeff Rupert
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) - Bryan Rice
Office of Aviation Safety (OAS) - Mark Bathrick
USDA Forest Service (FS) - Ron Bertsch
US Geological Survey (USGS) - Anne Kinsinger  

Project Working Team  

OWF - Working Team Lead Vince Mazzier
BLM - Grant Beebe
NPS - Tom Nichols
FWS - Fred Wetzel
BIA - Dave Koch
OAS - Stew Walker
USFS - Mark Lichtenstein
USGS - Martha Garcia and Matt Rollins
BOR - Greek Taylor