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Trustee Responsibilities for Preparedness and Response

Acting as natural resource management agencies, trustees:

  • Provide assistance on environmental issues in the preparation of Regional and Area Contingency Plans.
  • Designate natural resource trustee contacts in Regional and Area Contingency Plans for receiving notification of discharges and releases.
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise to the On-Scene Coordinator on appropriate response techniques for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Assist with or take charge of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.
  • Facilitate compliance with the consultation requirements of the Endangered Species Act.
  • Provide other technical & scientific information as appropriate, including information from Natural Resource Damage Assessment activities that might assist in response activities.

Trustee participation and expertise can help the On-Scene Coordinator assess environmental risks from spills and releases, and design risk-reduction measures.


NCP Authorities for Trustee Preparedness Activities

In developing the fish and wildlife and sensitive environments plan for the Area Contingency Plan, On-Scene Coordinators should contact all trustees with natural resources in the area under consideration. This will usually include the Department of the Interior, the Department of Commerce, other Federal agencies that manage land in the area, the State, and any tribal trustees in the area.

Trustees participate on area committees to identify fish and wildlife and sensitive environments and strategies for protecting and treating them, for inclusion in the Area Contingency Plan [NCP, 300.210(c)(4), 300.615(c)(3)(i)].

On-Scene Coordinators must obtain concurrence from the Department of the Interior and the Department of Commerce trustees for preapproval of application of specific countermeasures such as use of dispersants, in situ burning, bioremediation, and so on. [40 CFR 300.210(c)(4)(ii)(D) and 910(a)]


NCP Authorities for Trustee Response Activities