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In 2003 the Department of the Interior (DOI) issued, for the first time, a strategic plan reflecting a unified DOI plan rather than a bundle of assorted office and bureau plans. The implementation of the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), as a comprehensive approach to improving current business functions, will help to enable DOI to ensure efficient and careful use of limited resources leading to mission excellence and delivery of the best possible performance for the American people.

FBMS is designed to incorporate the majority of DOI's financial management functions into one system. This integrated system will eliminate over 80 DOI and bureau-specific systems and enable the alignment of a business management system with the DOI's strategy of modernization, integration, accountability, and customer value. FBMS will bring fundamental and constructive change to DOI in terms of how it conducts and manages its business. For example, FBMS will allow DOI to realize the benefits of common processes, a common technology platform, integrated real-time data, and improved operational decision-making.