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FBMS is a key element in the plan for successful execution of DOI's strategic plan. Benefits include:

Increased reliability and greatly reduced support costs

- Replacement of unsupported (costly) legacy systems with a modern solution that features a long life-cycle and upgradeable components

The ability to meet compliance requirements from various sources (i.e., OMB A-123) through improved security and internal controls

- Governance, Risk & Control (GRC) is a fully integrated component of FBMS that has safely reduced the time required for FBMS access provisioning by more than 85% even as internal controls and compliance requirements have become more stringent

Savings realized from the elimination of redundant administrative tasks and multiple logins

- FBMS provides single point system access that delivers a seamless end user experience

Stabilization of operations and maintenance costs

- FBMS operates on single instance and platform, allowing the decommissioning of more than 80 back-office applications and eliminating their associated maintenance costs

Delivery of more accurate cost and performance information, more quickly and with less effort

- The FBMS solution provides comprehensive data by "marrying-up" information both at bureau and departmental levels