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Memorandum on Submission of Appeals and Complaint Files - 9-12-13

PB No. 13.03 - Transgender and Other Gender Non-Conforming Employee Policy

373 DM Procedures for Processing Complaints of Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Civil Rights Directives (CRD's):

CRD 2014-08 Entering Events and Uploading Documents into the DOI iComplaints System
CRD 2014-07 Delegation of Authority for the DOI iComplaints System
CRD 2014-06 Procedures for Issuance of Final Agency Decisions
CRD 2014-05 Transmittal of Appeal Files to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
CRD 2014-04 Transmittal of Files to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for Hearings (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-03 Procedures for Final Agency Decisions-Partial Dismissals of Complaints (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-02 Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures (appendix) (Signed pdf)
CRD 2014-01 Annual EEO Program Status Report, MD 715
CRD 2012-05
Processing EEO Complaints Based on Sex Discrimination - Gender Identity, Change of Sex, and/or Transgender Status
CRD 2012-04
Procedures for Processing Alternate EEO Cases
CRD 2012-02
Schedule for Regular and Recurring EEO Reports
CRD 2012-01
Special Emphasis Observance Committee Charter, Revised
CRD 2011-01
Public Civil Rights Complaints Procedures (Supercedes EOD No. 1998-13)
CRD 2011-02
Public Civil Rights Compliance Review
  Policy for Implementing a Public Civil Rights Program
  Open Captioning of Audio-Visual Media
  Delegation of Federal Assistance and Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Complaints to Bureaus for Processing
  Adoption of the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS)


Equal Opportunity Directives (EOD's):

EOD-2008-02  Disclosure of Equal Opportunity Complaint Records
EOD-2008-01  Transmittal of EEOC Administrative Judge Decisions
EOD-2004-21  Transmittal of EEOC Administrative Judge Decisions
EOD-2004-18  Binding/Assembling of Complaint Files/ROIs
EOD-2004-17  Abuse of EEO Complaint Process
EOD-2004-13  Retrieval of Complaint Files from EEOC Field/District...
EOD-2004-11  Revised Guidance on Title III of the No FEAR Act
EOD-2004-10  Posting Requirements in Federal EEO
EOD-2004-09  Interim Rule-Reimbursement provision of Title II...
EOD-2002-08  EEOC's Management Bulletin 100-1
EOD-2004-07  Dept's. Limited English Proficiency...Financial Assist.
EOD-2004-05  Evaluation of DOI Bureaus/Offices ADR Procedures
EOD-2004-04  Additional Guidance on Title III of the No FEAR Act
EOD-2004-03  Data Collection for No FEAR Act
EOD-2003-14  Management Directive 715
EOD-2003-13  Equal Employment Opportunity Counselors
EOD-2003-12  Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy
EOD-2003-06  Retention of Records
EOD-2003-05  Settlement Agreements
EOD-2003-03  Settlement Agreements
EOD-2003-01  Complaint Processing Responsibilities
EOD-2002-24  Cooperation/Conduct of DOI employees...Invest.
EOD-2002-22  Expanded ADR in Formal Complaints Processing
EOD-2002-21  Prep. of Comp. Damages/Reason. Accomm. Analysis
EOD-2002-20  Final Rule to Implement Section 501 Amendment
EOD-2002-19  The No FEAR Act" (P.L. 107-174)
EOD-2002-16  Departmental Sexual Harassment Policy
EOD-2002-15  Filing of Formal Complaints with the Department
EOD-2002-14  Monthly Compliance Reports to EEOC
EOD-2002-13  Annual Rpt-Enforcement...Age Discrim. Act of 1975
EOD-2002-12  FY '02 Info. Agencies FEP ... Exec. Ord. 12250     
EOD-2002-11  New Hearing Requests for EEOC NY District Office
EOD-2002-09  USPS Mail and Timeliness of Complaints Processing
EOD-2002-06  Federal Appellate Settlement Team (FAST)...ADR
EOD-2002-05  Handbook on Complaints Processing
EOD-2002-04  EEOC Announces Federal Appellate Settlement Team
EOD-2002-03  Executive Order 13166 - Justice Clarifies Guidance
EOD-2002-02  Transmittal of files for Hearing-NY District EEOC
EOD-2001-19  NY District Office - EEOC
EOD-2001-16  Human Relations Institute Survey
EOD-2001-15  ADR Compliance Review--EEOC
EOD-2001-13  ADR - Monthly Reporting Forms
EOD-2001-07  Guidance on Addressing Discrim....Status as a Parent
EOD-2001-06  Exec. Ord. 13160-Ensuring EO in Fed. Conducted...
EOD-2001-05  Use of Official Time for Processing EEO Complaints
EOD-2001-04  Officials Designated to Receive Complaints of Discrim.
EOD-2001-03  Policy Guidance-Exec. Ord. 13145:...Genetic Info.
EOD-2000-23  Exec. Order 13160-Nondiscrimination...
EOD-2000-22  Summary of Draft Final Access....Recreation Facil.
EOD-2000-20  Exec. Ord. 13160-Nondiscrimin. in Federally...
EOD-2000-18  Prohibition Discrimination-Genetic Information
EOD-2000-17  Prohibition Discrimination based on Status as a Parent
EOD-2000-16  Mandatory ADR Policy-Implement. Bureau/Office Plans
EOD-2000-14  ADR Policy-Mandatory Appl. by Mgrs. for EEO Cases
EOD-2000-09  Compliance with Equal Opportunity Directive 1998-10
EOD-2000-07  System for Continuous Archiving
EOD-2000-03  EEO-MD-110
EOD-2000-02  New 1614 Procedures–Revised Sample Form Letters
EOD-99-09    Processing of Alternate EEO Cases, 2/02/99.
EOD-99-08    Proposed Final Rule Revising...29 CFR Part 1614...
EOD-99-06    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on ADEA Waivers...
EOD-99-05    Policy/Procedures Rel. to SAs Waiving ADEA Rights...
EOD-99-04    Procedures for Process. Complaints...on Sexual Orien.
EOD-99-03    Procedures for Processing Complaints...Sexual Orien.
EOD-99-02    Prep. of Comp. Damages/Reasonable Accomm....
EOD-99-01    Departmental Sexual Harassment Policy...
EOD-98-17    Alleged Breaches of Settlement Agreements...
EOD-98-16    Monthly EEOC Complaints Reports, 8/12/98
EOD-97-19    Process for Raising Issues of Harassment...