TO:             Bureau/Office Equal Opportunity Officers

FROM:        E. Melodee Stith, Director Office for Equal Opportunity
SUBJECT:   Alleged Breaches of Settlement Agreements/Informal Resolution Agreements

Effective immediately, all Bureaus and Offices will be required to complete a compliance report regarding alleged breach claims along with appropriate documentation by the 15th day from the date of receipt of the transmittal memorandum from this Office. In those instances in which the time frame for submission is not 15 days, we will so indicate in the correspondence to you. In order to assist you with meeting the time requirements for submission, we will provide you with magnafaxed copies, in advance, of the transmittal memorandum that will be coming to you outlining the issues relative to the alleged breach claims.

Compliance reports should include information on items such as signed affidavits from appropriate individuals, SF-50's and SF-52's, training forms, payment vouchers, pay statements, performance appraisals and any other documentation which supports the Bureau's compliance with the terms of the settlement agreements.

When time frames are not met for the submission of required information to this Office, the complaint case may be remanded to the Bureau for reinstatement and further processing.

Distribution: All Bureau/EO Offices

Inquiries: Carolyn M. Burrell, Assistant Director

Civil Rights Policy and Enforcement, 202-208-3442

Expires: When Superseded