TO:            Bureau/Office Equal Opportunity Officers

FROM:        E. Melodee Stith, Director Office for Equal Opportunity

SUBJECT:   Monthly EEOC Compliance Reports

Effective immediately (August 14, 1998), we are requesting that each Bureau submit compliance reports on the second Friday of each month to this Office. The compliance reports are needed in order for the Office for Equal Opportunity to provide monthly status reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) on actions taken to implement EEOC orders and other compliance directives on discrimination complaint cases. Further, we are asking each Bureau to identify a point of contact with whom we can work on compliance issues.

Each month, those Bureaus which have decisions with corrective actions that are being monitored for compliance will be provided with a copy of the Commission's list of cases that are open. The monthly compliance reports submitted by the Bureaus must be accompanied by appropriate documentation relevant to the case(s) at issue. Such documents may include Final Agency Decisions (FADs) accepting or dismissing allegations and/or complaints in their entirety, letters transmitting files to the appropriate EEOC and SOL offices for hearing, ROI's, ROI issuance letters, pay statements and/or letters showing compliance was met, e.g., payment of compensatory damages, attorney fees. Monthly reports may be E-Mailed to Melinda Hayden at Melinda_Hayden@IOS.DOI.GOV. However, when compliance documents are accompanying your reports, please note such in your E-Mail communication and magnafax them to Ms. Hayden's attention at 202-208-3620. Should you have any questions concerning this directive, please contact Melinda Hayden.

Distribution: All Bureau/EO Offices

Inquiries: Carolyn M. Burrell, Assistant Director

Civil Rights Policy and Enforcement, 202-208-3442

Expires: When Superseded