Part 1 - Assessment, Planning, Convening, Contracting and the First Meeting



  • Educate the audience on the negotiated rulemaking process, particularly early planning, diagnosis, convening and preparing for first session
  • Hear from the participants
  • Share DOI and other relevant agency negotiated rulemaking experiences
  • Explore ways to increase effectiveness for DOI related issues
  • Identify participants’ interest in follow-up activity
  • Framing that this is a panel of providers

8:30 AM Welcome, Purpose, Agenda

  • CADR/DOI University

8:40 AM ● Who we are, what we do, etc.

  • Objectives for this session
  • High level agenda

8: 50 AM Overview and Burning Issues:

  • Brief overview of 4-5 reg-negs we will be discussing
  • Audience call out – what are the issues they would like to have addressed
  • Acknowledge this is a panel of providers and we will endeavor to make sure the voice of the user is in the room

9:10 AM What is Negotiated Rulemaking?

  • Overview of the Process
  • Role of FACA
  • Key Players at DOI

9:40 AM Break - 25 mins.

9:50 AM Genesis of the Process

  • Mandated/legislated
  • Internal agency pressures
  • External Stakeholders
  • Proactive/Reactive responses

 10:15 AM

  • Diagnosing the situation and convening the process
    • Internal Assessments
      • first diagnosis: by those who recognize a problem/opportunity
      • they reach out to others for broader diagnosis
      • one question: should consensus-based process be seriously considered/explored
    • If yes, what to do next? One option: conflict assessment.
    • Conflict Assessment spectrum – variables: formality, depth of stakeholder participation, cost, duration, detail of findings and recommendations
  • Convening the process
    • Who?
    • How?
    • Selection of Neutrals
    • Importance of contracting and pre-planning
      • Roles and responsibilities

11:05 AM Break - 10 mins.

11:15 AM Design of process and first meeting

  • Internal agency coordination
  • Issue/boundary identification
  • Training?
  • Ground rules, commitments and expectations of reg-neg
  • What happens if consensus is reached?
  • If no consensus is reached or partial consensus is reached what will agency do?

12:10 AM Open Forum

final questions and discussion

12:20 AM Wrap-Up

fill out evaluation forms and suggest follow-up activities or sessions


Facilitators will be available in the Rachel Carson room for confidential conversations or to continue a.m. discussions with anyone interested.