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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Policy, Management and Budget
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  1. To create an understanding of what collaborative processes are available to DOI
  2. To create an understanding of how collaborative processes are currently being used throughout the Department
  3. To create a framework for understanding how to select appropriate collaborative processes to fit specific situations
  4. To identify specific ways to better incorporate collaborative processes into the common culture of DOI



  1. Build individual and organizational relationships among participants for future collaboration.
  2. Learn about the current kinds and uses of collaborative processes within DOI, including what distinguishes one kind of process from nother, including regulatory context, substantive issues, number and role of parties, role of agency, goals and objectives, and other distinctions.
  3. Identify core principles and core competencies that cut across all kinds of collaborative processes.
  4. Develop a framework of processes that can help guide selection of processes appropriate for intended uses and outcomes.
  5. Identify what staff in the field, managers, and headquarters need in order to be more collaborative.
  6. Develop what, to whom and how to communicate to others regarding what has been learned and developed in the Workshop.


PRODUCTS (during or after the Workshop)

  1. One page, compelling graphic of the range of collaborative processes and how to select among them. Additional graphics/tables as needed.
  2. Common "working" glossary of terms.
  3. Table of current processes and uses within the Department.
  4. Description of core principles and core competencies for collaborative processes.
  5. Compilation of background policies, guidance, and other existing materials.
  6. List of "What we need to do to improve implementation of collaborative processes.



  • Everything is on the table
  • We learn from experience
  • We don't say "we can't", we say, "how could we"
  • Everyone contributes
  • Everyone listens
  • We stay on track
  • We're not looking for perfection, but clarity