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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Policy, Management and Budget
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Invitation Letter

Dear Invitee:

You are invited to participate in a two-day workshop exploring the use of collaborative processes at DOI, to be held on June 3-4, 2004, at 801 N. Quincy Street in Arlington, Virginia (near the Ballston metro stop). This "Conceptual Framework" workshop is being developed and hosted as a joint effort of the Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR), the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, the Office of the Solicitor, and other members of the 4 Cs/Partnership team. Patrick Field of the Consensus-Building Institute, and Doug Sarno of the Perspectives Group, both highly regarded and acknowledged experts in the field, will facilitate the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • share information about the various participatory and collaborative processes available to DOI,
  • identify the processes currently being employed throughout DOI, and
  • develop a common understanding of how to distinguish them and clarify when and how to use them most effectively.

To assist us in promoting a common understanding throughout DOI, facilitators will engage workshop participants in developing several products including:

  • a graphic that illustrates the range of collaborative processes and identifies core principles,
  • a common glossary of terms,
  • a table of current processes and uses within DOI,
  • guidance on how to select appropriate processes, and
  • a compilation of background policies, guidance and other existing materials.

Additional background information is enclosed. Please RSVP to the CADR office no later than May 20, 2004 , by calling 202-327-5383 or 202-327-5352. Whether or not you can join us at the workshop, please fill out the attached survey and return it in the enclosed self-addressed envelope by May 10, 2004. Your input is important to the success of this effort. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Elena Gonzalez at 202-327-5352, or Herman Karl at 617-324-0262.



P. Lynn Scarlett
Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget