CORE PLUS is a system designed to provide impartial and confidential assistance to any DOI employee seeking to improve or resolve a workplace issue or concern. CORE PLUS is for all levels of employees and managers including bargaining unit employees, when the union elects to participate. CORE PLUS offers information and assistance on problem solving options. Assistance options include: confidential consultation, individual conflict coaching, communication and conflict management training, climate assessment, group facilitation, team-building, conciliation and mediation services.

You can do your job better when you manage and resolve conflict. CORE PLUS is a network of people who can help you do that. We are impartial and confidential. We train, we coach, we mediate, we facilitate. We give you a safe place to talk.

CORE PLUS offers tools and processes you can use to solve problems for yourself. We teach communications and conflict management skills so you can prevent conflicts from escalating when possible. When you need a hand, we help you find the right kind of assistance you need. We help you get better results.