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Cover Memorandum for Final Report

Memorandum to Deputy Assistant Secretary, Human Resources and Workforce Diversity,
Transmitting the Final Report of the Workplace ADR Design Team


To: J. Michael Trujillo, Deputy Assistant Secretary
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity
From: Carolyn M. Burrell, Acting Coordinator
Workplace ADR Program
Through: M. Elena Gonzalez, Director
Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
Subject: Final Report - Workplace ADR Design Team

Attached is the final report from the Workplace Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Design Team on the new conflict management system that is being proposed for use to address workplace disputes in a collaborative manner. The name of the proposed new system is the InterioResolutioNetwork (IRN).

As you know, the team that was created to develop an integrated conflict management system to address all workplace disputes was representative of all Bureaus and the Office of the Secretary. The team began its work in February, 2002 and, with the assistance of conflict management systems design experts, completed its work in October, 2002. Over that period of time they worked to formulate a number of recommendations and to create a conceptual model for the new system that would meet the needs of the Department of the Interior.

Each of the Bureau Deputy Directors has been briefed on the new system and is in agreement with the concept. Each of the members of the Executive Committee has been briefed, individually, as well. The attached report does include the recommendations, the rationale for each recommendation made, and an implementation plan schedule. We are still exploring several options for implementation and are interested in obtaining any suggestions you may have on how best to launch the new system within the Department. After each member of the Executive Committee has had an opportunity to review the report, Elena Gonzalez will coordinate with you to schedule a time when the Executive Committee can convene to discuss the recommendations and decide upon the appropriate course of action.

Thank you for your continued support of the Design Team as it worked through the creation of the new InterioResolutioNetwork.

Attachment - As Stated