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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Policy, Management and Budget
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Charge Statement to the DOI Workplace Design Team

February 4, 2002

Goal: The team is charged to build a comprehensive, integrated workplace dispute resolution system that provides all employees easy access through multiple entry points and clear options for addressing any concern.

Product/Result: The team will design a blueprint and transition plan for presentation to the Executive Committee (Norma Campbell, Carolyn Cohen, Elena Gonzalez, Melodee Stith, Mike Trujillo and Office of the Solicitor representative to be determined).

Level of Authority: The Executive Committee will review the final product of the design team and is responsible for approval.

Performance Measures: As team leader, Carolyn Burrell will keep Elena Gonzalez and the Bureau Dispute Resolution Specialists apprised of the team's work.

Communication Linkages: The team will build a strategy for effective internal and external communications to share information regularly with all constituencies.

Time Frame: 6 month goal-blueprint ready for implementation.

Available Resources: Carolyn Burrell is available full time as Team Leader. Each bureau/office has agreed to fund team member participation. Consultants will be made available for team building, education and facilitation services.

Membership: CADR attempted to identify and invite all key constituencies to participate in this effort. Additional constituencies may be represented as determined by the team. Team members will have no alternates, and will make every effort to participate in all meetings.

Champions: Elena Gonzalez, Mike Trujillo, Scott Cameron, Bureau Dispute Resolution Specialists, and Executive Committee.

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Elena Gonzalez, Director
Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution

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Feb. 4, 2002
J. Michael Trujillo, Deputy Assistant Secretary
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity