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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Policy, Management and Budget
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Southwest Strategy Tribal Relations Symposium for Executive Leaders

"Building Partnerships through Collaboration"
Communicating, Consulting and Cooperating with Tribes in Support of Conservation

January 24 - 25, 2006

Participating Tribes

  • Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation
  • Fort Mohave Indian Tribe
  • Havasupai Tribe
  • Hopi Tribe
  • Jicarilla Apache Nation
  • Navajo Nation
  • Pascua Yaqui Tribe
  • Pueblo of Zuni
  • Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
  • Southern Ute Indian Tribe
  • Tohono O'odham Nation
  • Tonto Apache Tribe
  • White Mountain Apache Tribe
  • Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Participating Agencies and Organizations

  • Southwest Strategy
  • Department of Agriculture
    • National Agricultural Statistics Service
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • US Forest Service
  • Department of Defense
    • US Army
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • US Marine Corps
  • Department of the Interior
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Bureau of Reclamation
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • US Geological Survey
  • Department of Homeland Security
    • US Border Patrol
  • Hohokam RC&D Area, Inc.
  • Native Nations Institute
  • US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Symposium Registration List
  • Presenter Bios
  • Synthesis of Presentations (In preparation)
  • Day 1
    • Welcome, Raphael Bear, President, Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation (In preparation)
    • Invocation, Joseph Joaquin, Cultural Affairs Specialist, Tohono O'odham Nation (In preparation)
    • Symposium Overview, Arvin Trujillo, Director of Natural Resources, Navajo Nation (In preparation)
    • "Indian Law and Policy -- A General Overview," James van Ness, Esq., Acting Deputy General Counsel, Department of Defense (Environment & Installations)
    • Luncheon Speaker, P. Lynn Scarlett, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Interior (In preparation)
    • Panel Discussion on the Roles and Responsibilities of Agencies and Tribes in the Consultation Process
      • Frank Dayish, Jr., Vice President, Navajo Nation (In preparation)
      • James Garrison, Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer (In preparation)
      • Gary Hudiburgh, Deputy Director, American Indian Environmental Office, US Environmental Protection Agency (In preparation)
    • Panel Discussion on Federal/Tribal Policy Perspectives -- Consultation and Negotiated Rule-Making
      • Edith Blackwell, Esq., Deputy Associate Solicitor for Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (In preparation)
      • Mary Margaret Cowan, Esq. (In preparation)
      • Rodney Lewis, Esq. (In preparation)
  • Day 2
    • Opening Remarks, Joe Muniz, Executive Director, Natural Resources, Jicarilla Apache Nation (In preparation)
    • "Experiences and Lessons on Consultation with Tribes," Kevin Gover, Professor of Law, Arizona State University College of Law (In preparation)
    • Panel Discussion on Consultation: Tribal and Federal Perspectives
      • Vivian Juan-Saunders, Chairwoman, Tohono O'odham Nation (In preparation)
      • Arden Kucate, Councilman, Pueblo of Zuni (In preparation)
      • Harv Forsgren, Regional Forester, US Department of Agriculture (In preparation)
      • Paul Lumley, Senior Tribal Liaison, Department of Defense (In preparation)
    • Luncheon Speaker, Mark E. Rey, Undersecretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources & Environment (In preparation)
    • Listening Session -- A Communication Forum Between Federal Executives and Tribal Leaders, facilitated by Lucy Moore, Lucy Moore Associates, and Dexter Albert, Intrinsic Info, LLP