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Sign up to stay informed about the latest happenings at Interior.
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Sign up to stay informed about the latest happenings at Interior.
U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Policy, Management and Budget
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CORE PLUS Roster 2008

Name Bureau/ Office City State Phone E-mail Cert. Status
Cert. Date
Douglas Mills
FWS Anchorage AK 907-786-3328 Certified Feb. 2008
Shannon Nelson
FWS Fairbanks AK 907-455-1823 Basic mediation, 3 co-mediations
Judith E. Alderson
NPS Anchorage AK 907-644-3442 Certified Oct. 2007
Martha L. Armington
NPS Denali NP
AK 907-683-9529 Certified Apr. 2008
Tarona Armstrong Bennett
NPS Little Rock
AR 501-396-3010 Certified Feb. 2008
Judi Contos
BLM Phoenix AZ 602-417-9253 Certified Oct. 2007
Liza Ermeling
NPS Page AZ 928-608-6337 Certified Oct. 2007
Charles B. Wahler
NPS Grand Canyon
AZ 928-638-7835 Certified Oct. 2007
Deena Wilson
BLM California State Office
CA 916-978-4600 Approved Pending 1 co-mediation
Jay P. Eickenhorst
NPS San Francisco
CA 415-561-4948 Approved Pending 1 co-mediation
Mary Kline
NPS Yosemite NP
CA 209-372-0645 Certified Oct. 2007
Nancy Pimentel
NPS Yosemite NP
CA 209-372-0406 Certified Oct. 2007
Ellen Quinn
NPS Sequioa/ Kings Canyon
CA 559-565-3754 Certified Jun. 2008
Barbara Richards
NPS San Diego
CA 619-523-4567 Certified Feb. 2008
Sarah Inderbitzin
MMS Denver CO 303-231-3749 New applicant, basic training, 3 co-mediations
Cheryl K. Holz
USGS Denver CO 303-547-2579 Certified Oct. 2007
Mary Knuth
FWS Lakewood CO 303-236-4460 Certified Oct. 2007
Sarah Conlon*
NPS Lakewood CO 303-969-2551
Certified Oct. 2007
Ann Marie Eilender
NPS Denver CO 303-969-2733 Certified Nov. 2007
Janice L. Coffelt
USGS Golden CO 303-273-8422 Certified Apr. 2008
Colleen Osborne
NPS Lakewood CO 303-969-2542 Certified Jun. 2008
Steve Rosen
NPS Lakewood CO 303-987-6778 Certified    
Susan Goodwin
OS-CADR Washington DC 202-327-5346 Certified Oct. 2007
Kristi Shelloner
BIA Washington DC 202-208-6641 New applicant, basic training, 3 co-mediations
Sara Greenberg
OHA Washington DC 703-235-0171 Approved pending 1 co-mediation, adv training
Nov. 2007
Loren Thompson
MMS Washington DC 202-208-5890 Certified Apr. 2008
Joshua Simonds
BLM Washington DC 202-557-3576 New applicant, basic training, 3 co-mediations
Wendy Boston
NPS Washington DC 202-354-1966 2 co-mediations needed
Dave Emmerson
OS-CADR Washington DC 202-327-5318 1 co-mediation
Marcia Keener
NPS Washington DC 202-208-4298 Certified Oct. 2007
Lynne Murdock
NPS Washington DC 202-513-7195 Certified Oct. 2007
Richard Powell
NPS Washington DC 202-513-7218 Certified Mar. 2008
Dianne A. Spriggs
NPS Washington DC 202-354-1851 Certified Feb. 2008
Jonathan Steele
OS-CADR Washington DC 202-208-5345 Approved pending 1 co-mediation
Janine Marie Tobias
MMS Herndon DC, VA
703-787-1240 Certified Oct. 2007
Alan Turnbull
NPS Washington DC 202-354-6930 3 co-mediations
Karen Fogarty
NPS Hawaii HI 808-328-2326 Certified Oct. 2007
Harvey Mattox
NPS Atlanta GA 404-562-3124 Certified Dec. 2007
Terry Scruggs
USGS Norcross GA 770-409-7752 Certified Jun. 2008
Steve Hartmann
BLM Salmon ID 208-756-5410 Certified Feb. 2008
George Cortes
FWS Hadley MA 413-253-8317 Approved Pending 1 co-mediation
Nancy Woods*
NPS Boston MA 617-223-5166 Certified Oct. 2007
William Maurer
NPS Cape Cod
MA 508-349-3785 Certified Oct. 2007
Elizabeth M. Weston
NPS Acadia NP
ME 207-288-8705 Certified Aug. 2008
LeRoy O. Fuhrmann
USGS Rolla MO 573-308-3849 Certified Feb. 2008
Corey Shea
NPS Glacier NP
MT 406-888-7830 Certified Oct. 2007
Andrew Banta*
NPS Williston ND 701-572-1029 Certified Jun. 2008
James Hill
NPS Omaha NE 402-661-1590 Certified Feb. 2008
Nancy Fraley
NPS Ashebille NC 828-296-0850 Pending co-mediation
Beverly Anastor Junger
BOR Socorro NM 505-835-1202 Pending co-mediation
Rose Hartnett
ASIA Albuquerque NM 505-563-3014 FAX: 505-563-3012
Pending co-mediation
Jul. 2008
Jeannette Alderete
FWS Albuquerque NM 505-248-6800 3 co-mediations
Hector Mendoza
BLM Santa Fe
NM 505-438-7641 Certified Oct. 2007
Nancy Wilson
NPS New York
NY 718-354-4540 Certified Oct. 2007
Eva Bauer
USGS Carson City
NV 775-887-7666 Certified Jun. 2008
Tamara L. Moland
BLM Portland OR 503-808-6344 Certified Oct. 2007
Ronald Mikolajczyk
OSM Pittsburgh PA 412-937-2132 Approved pending 1 co-mediation
Oct. 2007
Lisa Schwartz
OSM Pittsburgh PA 412-937-2824 Certified Oct. 2007
Deborah Douglas*
NPS Philadelphia PA 215-597-5745 Certified Feb. 2008
Donald Alan Stewart
NPS Gettysburg PA 717-334-5533 Approved pending adv. training
Paul Hofmann
BIA Aberdeen SD 605-226-7656 3 co-mediations
Deanna Reynolds
USGS Sioux Falls
SD 605-594-6004     X
Frances Zion
BLM Amarillo TX 806-354-1039 1 co-mediation
Karl Johnson
OHA Salt Lake City
UT 801-524-5544 FAX: 801-524-5539
New applicant. basic training, 3 co-mediations
Andrew Pearlstein
OHA Salt Lake City
UT 801-524-5344 FAX: 801-524-5539
Approved pending 3 co-mediations, advanced training
Francisco Lujan
BLM Salt Lake City
UT 801-529-4007 Approved pending 1 co-mediation, adv. training
Sandra Martinez
BLM Salt Lake City
UT 801-539-4008 Certified Feb. 2008
Cheryl W. Caldwell
USGS Reston VA 703-648-7469 Certified Oct. 2007
J. Milo Robinson
USGS Reston VA 703-648-5162 Certified Oct. 2007
Glenn Scotland
USGS Reston VA 703-648-7772 Approved pending 3 co-mediations, basic training
Ahmad Razavi
FWS Arlington VA 703-358-2566 Certified Feb. 2007
Inez Uhl
FWS Arlington VA 703-358-2396 Certified Feb. 2008
Bernard Spencer-Bey
NPS McLean VA 703-289-2504 Certified    
Dick Lazeres
NPS Seattle WA 206-220-4055 Certified Oct. 2007
Jim Nepstad
NPS Bayfield WI 715-779-3398 Certified Oct. 2007
* NPS Regional Coordinator
New Applicant