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DOI encourages the use of collaborative processes supported by neutral third parties to more effectively carry out the Department’s mission by preventing, managing and resolving conflicts over the use, conservation, and restoration of the environment and natural and cultural resources. Collaborative, constructive, and timely third party assisted approaches, often referred to as Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR), are used to address or enhance implementation of policies and programs, NEPA planning, policy development, public participation, rulemaking, and stakeholder involvement.

ECR tools and processes can be used to assist Bureaus and Offices with controversial decisions, conflict management, and public and stakeholder engagement.

CADR offers information and assistance on problem solving options including: confidential consultation; facilitators, mediators and public participation specialists experienced in environmental and natural resource matters; situation and stakeholder assessments; and training. CADR supports DOI Bureaus and Offices by serving as trusted subject matter experts as well as managing a contract for private third party natural assistance available to all aspects of the Department working through internal issues and collaboration both within DOI and across Bureaus and Offices, and with State, Local and Tribal Governments, non-Government organizations and the general public.